What is Packaging Localization?

Video game packaging localization is the process of adapting video game products for different languages and cultures. It involves translating in-game text, changing artwork to better reflect the target region’s culture, or even creating entirely new cover art. Localization has been a part of the gaming industry since its early days in the 1970s when Japanese developers began localizing their games for Western audiences. WAYPOINT provides packaging localization to get your title ready for retail across all major regions including US, South America, EMEA, GCAM and beyond. We can design from scratch or take your existing design and adapt it based on requirements for these regions. Localizations include rating, SKU and barcode information, and marketing copy to name a few, taking into account labeling requirements from both 1st parties and the countries in which you plan to distribute.

What is our process for Packaging Localization?

Our localization process begins with SKU information, which contains details for each version of the game that will be sold in various regions. From this, we are able to generate a barcode, as well as get legal information about the developer and publisher, age rating, wrap and disc numbers etc that relate to each version manufactured. Next we translate to various languages depending on the pack requirements. We then work with our design team to prepare a mechanical layout for digital proofing by first parties who provide feedback and notes until the layout is approved and submitted to the printer.


Why Video Game Packaging
is important

Video game packaging localization is important because it helps to ensure that the product appeals to a specific target audience. By localizing the content of video game packaging, companies can better communicate with customers in their native language and make sure they understand what they are buying. Additionally, localized packaging can also help increase sales by making the product more attractive and familiar to potential buyers who may not be able to read English. Finally, localized packages also provide an opportunity for companies to create unique branding opportunities depending on where the products are being sold.

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