What are Video Game Influencer Kits?

Video game influencer kits are promotional packages sent to video game influencers by companies or publishers in order to promote their products. These kits typically include a copy of the game, merchandise, and other items that can be used for video content creation such as branded apparel and accessories.

Our Influencer Kits

At WAYPOINT we create boutique influencer kits for your most cherished creators. We handle the process from concept to manufacture bringing your game to life. Deliver high quality, one-of-a-kind items to your biggest supporters - replica items, swag, interactive and personalized collectibles to drive conversation and build hype.

Pokémon, Influencer Kit

The Pokémon Company International

Pokemon got in touch with us to make a limited custom cut acrylic frame. We made everything from design to assembly and shipping to top Pokemon influencers and channels. The frame holds a 25-card complete set from the new celebrations collection. This custom laser-engraved metal plaque has at the bottom, a Pokemon logo and channel name of the influencer engraved to personalize the experience.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Bandai Namco

When new characters and a game update dropped for One Piece Treasure Cruise, WAYPOINT was tasked with creating an influencer kit pack for top streamers and players. Using the games key art and beautiful anime design, we crafted a cohesive pirate-themed kit which included a poster, collectible character pin set, an embroidered new era cap, calendar complete with all characters birthday's, and a light up crystal desk lamp with Luffy laser engraved in the center. The kit also included an "Honorable Nakama" certificate to signify exclusive membership to the game's inner circle. This kit was used as part of the "Together as One Piece" campaign and sent around the world to top players and key influencer targets.

Dragonflight, Influencers kits


To celebrate the launch of the latest Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, WAYPOINT was tasked with devising an influencer kit geared toward both high profile supporters and top streamers. The kit features a multi-layer shadowbox diorama scene from the game's incredible art, laser etched wooden coasters, leather-stamped journal, and real canvas game map all housed in a beautifully designed custom box. The key differentiator for the high profile kits was the stone bust, which was sculpted custom by our in-house 3D team and hand painted based on the hero character from the launch trailer. The kit made for a great unboxing experience and way to give back to supporters and players.

Why do Influencer Kits matter?

Video game influencer kits are important because they help to spread the word about a company or publisher's product. They give influencers an opportunity to showcase their content and provide valuable feedback on the game, which can be used by companies in order to improve or refine their products. Additionally, these kits can also act as a form of advertising for the game and help it reach more potential customers.

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