What is game development?

Game development is the process of creating video games, from concept to completion. It involves a variety of disciplines, including game design, programming, art and animation, sound design, and quality assurance. The goal of game development is to create a fun, engaging, and immersive experience for players.
The process of game development usually involves several stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production. During pre-production, the game design is developed, including the concept, story, characters, and gameplay mechanics. In production, the game is built, with developers creating the assets, programming the game logic, and integrating all the elements into a playable game. Finally, in post-production, the game is tested, polished, and prepared for release.
Game development is a complex and multi-disciplinary field that requires a great deal of creativity, technical skill, and teamwork. It is an exciting and rapidly growing industry, with new advancements in technology and design constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming.

What we do

As leading experts in the field of Unity games development, we bring a unique combination of technical skill and creative vision to every project we undertake. We're a passionate team that creates innovative games, pushing the limits of the gaming world and delivering unique experiences to players. With a focus on scalability, we build robust architectures that can grow and evolve to meet the changing demands of a growing player base. Whether you're looking to create a simple yet addictive game or a complex and immersive experience, our team has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

From concept to post-launch, our team of experts covers all phases of the game development process. We have the experience and skill to guide our clients through every step of the process, from conceptualizing the game design and mechanics to programming, art, and quality assurance. Our team is dedicated to delivering a high-quality and polished game that meets the needs and expectations of our clients and their players. Whether it's prototyping, testing, or post-launch support, we are with our clients every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful game development process

We are focused on:

Technical design Icon

Technical Design

Creating full technical specs before any code is written

Game concept Icon

Game Concepts

Designing game systems and mechanics
Creating your GDD
Production and capacity planning
Identify USP/Hook

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Identifying needs
Understanding the game concept
Identifying target audience

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Dev ops

Post launch support
Live ops
Server maintenance

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Robust backend capabilities


NFT Gaming

The NFT gaming industry is quickly gaining traction and revolutionizing the gaming world. The use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in gaming allows for true ownership of in-game assets and unique experiences, driving user engagement and increasing the value of these assets. NFTs also enable gamers to earn real-world income from their gameplay, creating a new income stream for players and opening up new opportunities for game developers. As the world increasingly turns to digital platforms, NFT gaming is becoming an important space for players, developers, and investors alike. Its growth is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in gaming and its ability to transform the industry as we know it.

If you're looking to create a NFT game, working with a company that specializes in NFT gaming development is crucial. Not only do we possess the necessary technical expertise to design and build a high-quality game, but we also have experience in creating NFTs that are unique and valuable to players. This expertise is particularly important in the NFT gaming space, where the creation and integration of NFTs are integral to the game's success. By working with WAYPOINT, you can rest assured that your game will be built to the highest standards, delivering a unique and captivating gaming experience to your players.

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