Developer Diary Video Production

A healthy way of connecting with your audience is through developer diary videos. There are innumerable benefits. Dev diaries can inform creative decisions, elaborate on what makes your game fun, and shed some well-deserved limelight on the people who worked so hard on it.

These types of videos can also be beneficial to the developer community at large. Mistakes can be humanized, giving consumers and critics a more balanced view of game devs. Your audience can learn about the intricacies of game design, possibly inspiring future creators. These budding designers may even be inspired to, one day, work for you.

Are dev diary videos starting to look right for your company? Our California video game marketing agency has got you covered. From script writing, to interview filming, to game capture, to motion graphics and editing, we can get you through the process. You’ll be seeing your smiling face with a fancy lower third on it in no time.

Here’s a video we made for Ubisoft.

Our reel
Launch demo reel
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