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It’s been over a year since Pokemon GO was first announced. The game was met with massive success, no thanks in small part to the announcement trailer.

You won’t be faulted for assuming that there can’t have been more than 2 seconds of gameplay in that video, right at the very end. The vast majority of the video was a live-action and CG app trailer. Despite that fact, the video kickstarted an incredible social media hype machine. Pretty much the only concrete information to be gained from the video was “It’s on phones.” and “Has graphics.” This trailer highlights the importance of the non-gameplay footage elements in video game marketing. If you’re willing to broaden your definition of “gameplay” for a moment, you’d realize that most of footage in the trailer actually is gameplay. Pokemon GO’s gameplay is going outside, adventuring in the real world, meeting new people, sharing experiences, and imagining, for a brief moment, that dragons, lightning-powered mice, and telekinetic wallabies are real. It was hard not to get choked up at the notion.

Mere footage of the app could not have given the experience justice. As a video game creative agency in California, the people here at WAYPOINT would love to help you tell the story of the experience you’re making.

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