How to increase organic traffic on your video game website?

In a world where everything has gone digital, how to increase organic traffic on the website is the biggest concern of every business sector that has moved its operations to the cloud platform in the present times. While many business sectors are still recovering from the hits of the pandemic, the gaming industry, on the other hand, is looking for new ways of diversification and is pretty sanguine about its eventuality. 

The main reason for such high hopes amongst the gaming developers and gaming websites is the engagement of the Gen-Z in the gaming world due to the Covid-19. As the kids and also the young generation was stuck at home, gaming was the sole source of entertainment, and this led to increased competition in the gaming world. 

How to increase organic traffic on your video game website?

The craze of online video games has augmented over the past few decades. Games like Candy Crush, FarmVille, and PUBG, being the most recent ones, have led to an unexpected fan base and a whopping revenue of $159 billion in the year 2020. 

This record-breaking revenue is the main reason for the increased competition, and there has been an increased demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the gaming sites. However, making mindless and unintelligent search engine marketing along with expensive pay-per-click advertising will not assist you in getting higher conversions. 

People must always keep in mind that every website takes time to grow, and the numbers of the average daily attendance are bound to increase gradually. While paid searches can make your gaming website grow instantly, they will not be advantageous in the long run, as at the end of the day; it is always the organic searches that assist the businesses in maintaining a higher Client retention rate. 

Hence, instead of focusing on paid marketing strategies, a gaming website must focus more on receiving organic acquisition traffic to make sure that its website does not fail in the long run.

If you also hold a gaming website and are looking for some tips on how to increase social traffic and get more organic search on your website, then mentioned below are a few points to assist you in getting increased direct traffic to your gaming website. 

  • Understanding what sort of gaming website you would aspire to become

While there are distinct kinds of gaming genres and every different genre type holds distinct system needs and elements. Hence, it is important that you initially decide what genre of gaming website you aspire to become. Determining the genre will make it easy for gaming websites to plan out their SEO and social media marketing strategies. 

For example, you can choose if you want to be a card gaming site or a military gaming site. Once you decide the genre, it will assist you in coming up with social media and search engine marketing strategies that show results. For instance, you can create content like gaming rule books, blogs, video content, and many more that will further be advantageous in targeting the right audience for your gaming website and increasing the number of organic searches. 

  • Performing a precise keyword research

Keyword research is again the most important method of Search engine optimization that is also a deciding factor between Organic traffic vs direct traffic. Apart from this, thorough keyword research is also essential in making your gaming website rank well on the different search engines. 

Search Engine Optimisation for the gaming realm needs experience in administering targeted and specific keyword research and analysis. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose keywords that are extremely relevant to your gaming website. 

You must also note that the Search Engine Results Page is the leaderboard of every gaming website and advancing search engine optimization. With the assistance of precise and relevant keywords, you can improve your ranking on the results page, driving more organic traffic to your gaming website. 

  • Optimizing your website and conducting SEO audits 

Another point to keep in mind to increase an organic search for your gaming website is to conduct a technical Search Engine Optimisation Audit. Conducting out-and-out technical scrutiny of your gaming website assists in determining the spheres where your gaming site is staggering in. 

There can be numerous factors during the audit process through which Search Engine Optimisation for gaming websites can prove vital in determining the ranking of your gaming website. 

For example, there can be certain outmoded keywords, cracked links, and different factors that might be hindering your gaming website’s search engine marketing efforts. Hence, to avoid such situations, it is essential to regularly optimize and audit your gaming website to enhance the organic search results. 

  • Contender review for getting ahead

To remain ahead of your competitors and get more traffic through organic search is to constantly keep track of your competitors’ gaming websites. An accurate and precise opponent examination can drive you towards an extended way in attaining an advantage over them. With the help of a proper opponent review, you can detect which fields your rivals are surpassing at and how accurately they are performing them so that you can try similar strategies for receiving unpaid referral traffic. 

Apart from this, you can also obtain worthwhile information regarding their operations which can assist you in creating more accurate SEO & SEM strategies. In addition to this, performing a contender evaluation will always assist you in discovering their vulnerable spots and leveraging those loopholes in increasing your sales conversion rates. 

Hence, it can be evident that this strategy not only assists in generating market demand for your gaming website but also provides you with a solid head start over your opponents.

  • Producing relevant and engaging blog and video content

Another most popular way to increase organic traffic on your video game website is by producing relevant and engaging video content, and further post them on the appropriate platform. Producing relevant content and engaging video on social media platforms will further enhance the possibilities of targeting the right audience and keep them engaged on your video gaming website. 

Video streaming on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook can attract more and more visitors to your gaming website and keep them in the loop. You can regularly post high-quality video game tutorials, videos explaining certain tricks to win the game, customer interaction and review videos and many more. However, constantly monitoring the rate of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook engagement is also necessary.

It is a well-known fact that video streaming is taking the entire online world by storm. Therefore, producing enthralling video content can assist you in getting an enhanced social media engagement and organic traffic. Apart from the video content, blogs are also the most suitable mode for increasing organic searches. You must note that many gamers across the globe prefer reading engaging blog posts to make their gaming experience better and initiate conversations with other gamers worldwide. 

Hence, you can easily leverage this option and generate content for a website in the form of SEO-optimized blogs. Apart from video and blogs, you can also try some other forms of content too like building your Email marketing strategy and many more. However, you must always keep in mind that blogs and video content are so far the highly consumed media form, and it always drives higher organic search results.    

  • Managing link building on numerous gaming forums

To get more organic traffic on your gaming website, you can start generating more links on numerous gaming forums that drive more customers to their website. You can easily find a plethora of gaming forums online and especially on Facebook. 

After selecting the appropriate video gaming forum that matches your genre, you can easily place links to your website for customer referrals, and this creation of links is the answer to a frequently asked question: what is Facebook referral traffic. It might not be wrong to assert that these gaming forums are the most suitable platform for generating backlinks and driving an elevated amount of organic search traffic to your video game website. 

  • Make extensive adoption of social media platforms

Numerous social media platforms are gaining a lot of popularity in modern times. Hence, to drive more organic traffic to your video gaming website, you must make extensive usage of these social media platforms. Using social media sites for your gaming promotions is not at all difficult. All you require is to post some amazing content that is perfectly relevant to the gaming genre you own, backed by appropriate and quality Alt tags and Meta tags. 

If you do not know how to create these tags, in that case, you can easily use various tools that are also known as meta tags generators to make things easier for you. Apart from this, you can also build your community of gaming enthusiasts on social media and keep them engaged by holding a regular discussion on various gaming topics and draw a tremendous amount of audience to your video gaming website. 

Search Engine Optimisation for the gaming industry has become an essential element in driving organic traffic to your video game website. However, if you do not hold enough expertise in how to perform an SEO of your gaming website, you must always take the assistance of an expert. Such a team can help drive increased organic traffic to your website with ease. 

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