What Is The Best Time To Post Social Media Updates

Social media, the biggest platform to spread the word and gain popularity or fame, has been a hotspot for the companies to engage customers for a video game creative agency especially. It thus becomes vital to rise above the noise and to seek eyes on the social media post. It is one of the biggest challenges with social media as to when a post should be released on a particular platform. A video game marketing agency Los Angeles lays a key focus on the promotion of the products and socializing with people. Hence, it is very crucial to know about the perks of engaging an audience via social media posts. 

Thus, in a nutshell, social media is an integral aspect of building your video game creative agency online presence. It further helps you promote your brand just how you want. Unlike the traditional means of brand promotion, social media marketing is more unique and creative. Due to this, brands have a rich chance of luring their audience into investing in their services. Thus, if you’re looking for promoting your products with ease, social media can unquestionably be a start. That being said, analyzing the right time for publishing your posts is indispensable. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about posting social media updates. 

Does time and date really matter?

To post or not is not the question; instead, when to do that is the main focus. Yes, it is essential to know when to post, like doing it immediately or waiting for a particular date and time to arrive. According to creative services in Los Angeles, it is essential to know about the active timings of the audience for branding and promotion. This is about knowing about your audience’s activity over social media, like having insights about their most active time, minimum time spent using social media, most popular social media giants, etc. 

The other question is – is it the same over each promotion platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and each organization? The best time to post on social media is different over different platforms and distinct organizations. In this article, you will get to know about the most suitable timings and days to post for a video game creative agency. 

  1. Facebook

With over 2 million users, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for engaging with maximum people and having eyes on the posts. Though there has been a decline in Facebook users with a shift to other social media platforms, yet it has not lost its essence with laymen. The statistics of a game marketing agency in Los Angeles reveal that over 86% of people are engaged through social media, whereby Facebook accounts for nearly 50%. 

Wednesday is considered the best for posting updates on social media as it engages most of the audience, thereby raising the chances of reaching maximum people. Also, the database reveals that people tend to skip Facebook posts on weekends, where the focus is on enjoyment and relaxation. Thus, Saturdays and Sundays are the least engaging days and worst days for social media promotion activities. 

Moreover, posting in the morning hours, 9 a.m. to noon, is best for audience engagement and impressions. The studies highlight that people tend to use Facebook for updates while leaving for work in the morning hours. That is why it becomes essential to update them early, especially for video game creative agencies. 

  1. Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has gained popularity with maximum traffic and customer engagement for commercial pages. Also, Instagram has created more impact over people leading to a rise in sales for the known pages. But that’s not all; top brands and companies post social media updates regularly, keeping in mind the best time and days for maximum public engagement. What makes Instagram quite ideal for brand promotion is the mere fact that it allows you to create intriguing, unique, and eye-catching content. 

For any creative services in Los Angeles, Instagram is the biggest platform for publicizing a new update or engaging people. Thus, it is crucial to know about every insight and detail about Instagram, especially when to post. Wednesday and Friday are the most productive days in a week for social media updates to get along with maximum numbers of people and get their eyes focused on your illustration ranging from gameplay trailers, product photoshoots, and so on. On the other hand, Sunday shouldn’t be taken into consideration for social media posts owing to lesser traffic

People tend to use Instagram for social media updates in the middle of a week, which increases the Instagram traffic mostly on Wednesday and Friday. At the same time, Sundays are meant for enjoyment and fun, which creates a lesser engagement. 

Moreover, early morning hours are the best for any video game creative agency to reach the highest peaks in terms of engagement. That means timings between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. must be considered for any such updates. In addition to this, engaging the audience is more about what content you post and how engaging it is. Thus, engagement should be marked on the timing scale as well as the content. 

  1. Twitter

With one of the most trending social media promotion platforms, Twitter is meant for any official release or updating people about any new release, such as gameplay trailers. Hence, it is the topmost platform to update people about the operations, any new release of a product, and any vital information. Yet, the bitter truth is that most of us are not aware of how to communicate or connect with the maximum number of people possible. Research and database reveal the same insights about Twitter users.

On average, users spend less than an hour on social media updates using Twitter. Thus, it is of immense significance to know about the specific peak hours to continue your branding and promotion activities.

Morning hours or the office hours, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., is the most engaging hours for a video game marketing agency. There are no relaxations in the timings mentioned above, as Twitter is operated for significantly fewer hours. From the perspective of a video game creative agency in California, it is one of those platforms that’s not meant to be missed out on, despite its low usage. Talking about the most productive days, on the other side, Tuesday is one of those days you won’t take a chance to miss out on updating your audience. It is the busiest day on Twitter, which gains maximum traffic if you are a video game creative agency. 

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a multidisciplinary platform that not only offers job or internship options but also gets you to connect to the users and update them about your branding operations. It is similar to other social media platforms with respect to engaging hours and days. Monday and Wednesday are the best days to update people about your video game creative agency on LinkedIn, and morning hours, as these are productive hours on LinkedIn as well. In brief, LinkedIn connects companies with relevant individuals suitable for different job posts. Additionally, every company’s LinkedIn profile says a lot about the success the company has attained over the course of years.

The entire study on what to post and when to do that has a queer conclusion regarding usual conclusions. Likewise, you would expect people to connect with your social media promotion handles on weekends while they are relaxing on their couch. Instead, weekdays are the most engaging days; that is, people use social media more on a weekday as compared to the weekend. Also, social media users can be engaged in off-peak hours when your competitors are not active, and thus, people tend to connect with your promotion posts and organization.

To sum up 

It is quite important for any video game creative agency to engage with people and update them about exciting games. Social media helps in reaching out to maximum users that show interest in video games. Every video game creative agency can up their game by following social media marketing to attain optimal success. Every video game developer must thus ensure making crisp and on-point content to keep their audience hooked into investing in your brand’s products and services. While time isn’t an extremely crucial factor, every video game agency must ensure adhering to certain aspects of social media posting. Only then can your content truly reach your audience. 

WAYPOINT is a video game marketing agency that provides social media insights for various companies to publicize the post and deliver that to target customers. WAYPOINT is a pioneer in offering a few of the most amazing services concerning social media. You can thus make use of the detailed insights provided by this video game marketing agency to create a robust foundation for your company. With the right insights into social media posting, you can rest assured that you develop a strong relationship with your customers.

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