Video Game Localization

Why make an awesome video game or app and not make it accessible and understood by people in different countries?
Translating a game goes far beyond copying and pasting words and sentences into Google Translate. Companies must dedicate time, effort, research and attention to detail during the translation process by using localization strategies that not only help in translating language but also the game’s experience as a whole. It’s crucial to understand that rarely do words, sentences, catch phrases, or common sayings translate word for word in other languages. In fact, sometimes a short phrase or title in English, for example, may be longer in Spanish, French, etc.

Check out these screenshots WAYPOINT, your local video game creative agency, worked on for Barbie:

Barbie Video Game

Chinese Barbie

When brands disregard the linguistic and cultural differences between countries, the outcome can be catastrophic for the product’s reputation – damaging sales or ratings. Video game screenshot localization as shown above is not the only focus brands have when working with different languages for their products. They make sure that other assets such as: animated banners, app trailers, infographics, etc., are also translated for wide and diverse audiences.Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Thankfully, WAYPOINT is here to steer brands in the right direction with every step of the marketing process for globally accessible games.

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