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Link building is crucial for SEO, and a video game design agency like WAYPOINT can help you with that. How? The gaming industry is flourishing, and the new generation interactive games are making their mark efficiently. Although if you haven’t employed any link building strategies in your marketing game yet, you are possibly missing out on significant business potential. A creative design agency can help you take your SEO strategies to the next level. Additionally, along with the promotion of games with the help of a video game design agency like WAYPOINT, you can get services like SEO link building to compete with competitors. 

Without proper implementation of SEO by game developers, including backlinks and internal linking, their marketing strategies can fail. That’s where WAYPOINT comes in, offering extensive services concentrated on graphic design for video game marketing and link building as a form of SEO marketing. Now, this is only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to our services, but in this blog, we are only going to speak about building links. So, let’s start.

Meaning of link building

If you can master at building links, it can put you ahead of your competition as link building is a technique that links web pages with each other by creating hyperlinks and helping the users to navigate between different web pages easily. Besides, links help search engine crawlers find new web pages and determine how well a web page should stand in their search engine outcomes.

To simply put it, while going through your website, Google not only looks after the quality of the content and keywords of your website but also the quality of those external websites that link to your page. Therefore, if you are linked to high-quality websites, your site gets a vote of confidence too, and chances of your page’s higher ranking are increased. But how to generate links?

How are links created? Let’s have a look!

A link tag generally has four sections, and all of them work together to build the entire unit. Every part has a particular function within the link. Let’s see how a link works:

  • The ‘first’ part – The anchor or the first part of a link identified by an ‘a,’ opens the link tag and specifies to the search engine that there is a link.
  • Link referral location – Identified with an ‘href,’ this part of the link shows where the URL is pointing. It can point to an image, a downloadable file, another web page, and even a different section of the same page if the part of this link begins with ‘#.’
  •  The visible part of the link – Identified as a small portion of the text, this section stands out as it appears blue and underlined to indicate the users that the link is ready to be clicked on.
  •  Closure – This is the final part indicating to search engines that the link is complete.

Now that you know the basics about a link, as an agency providing services like graphic design for video game marketing, let us give you an idea of how linking works as an essential SEO tactic.

Quality links mean a guaranteed higher rank.

Link building is a reliable trick used in SEO by expert creative design agency like us because links are a signal to Google that your website is worthy of higher ranking. Therefore, websites with more backlinks often earn higher search rankings.

Although, if you are not familiar with building links, there is nothing to worry about. In this blog, we will give you fool-proof link building tips that will help you create outstanding SEO marketing campaigns and promotions to make your businesses shine in no time. If you need any assistance, we at WAYPOINT can help you whenever you need it.

Now, get a thorough idea about link building as we cover all the what, how, and whys step-by-step.

SEO technique – link building – to improve business 360°

See how, as a smart game logo design agency, we use link building strategies for better Google ranking & visibility.

  • Backlinking with creative infographics.

We live in a digital era where the most costly thing is time. Be it about any industry or gaming sites, today the customers neither have the patience nor the time to sit and read a large content about a new game you may be launching. So we help you hold the attention of your potential customers with meaningful infographics. As a company that is best known for graphic design for video game marketing, we create visually stimulating infographics. Besides, optimized infographics are an outstanding source for backlinks to your website as they are generally shared more than any other type of content.

  • Attract with links of your logo design.


Building links with logo design is another useful SEO technique that WAYPOINT, as a video game design agency, uses. This is because users are interested in logos, whether they be prospective business owners, designers, gamers, or just logo geeks. Most gaming developers have professionally designed logos for their products, as it is the best way to create a hype about a game. By starting a marketing campaign with animated logo design, you can begin the marketing and promotion of your game at relevant forums and on websites, social media channels, and blogs and gain backlinks, which will give you high rank and maximum sales.

Watch the animated logo we made for Bulletstorm – Animated logo design.

  • Focus on internal linking & optimize your website.

We all know the significance of backlink building, but internal linking can boost SEO results as it helps potential customers find new things on your site and hold their attention. Besides, using video trailers for link building is another way of gaining a higher ranking. A thrilling and fun videogame gameplay trailer can undoubtedly get people excited about playing your video game. Thus, if done professionally, link building with a compelling video can be rewarding. Here is a link to a blog that says how to build links with videos.

WAYPOINT, as a graphic design for video game marketing expert, creates a success-driven video game that is suitably spaced and developed. Thus, building links with such a result-oriented video trailer is bound to be a success.

Take a look into the awesome trailer our team made – Game trailer worth linking.

  • Creative writing & content linking.

Other than infographics and videogame gameplay trailer, if you’re producing shareable content, it’s linkable too. In the case of the gaming industry, people are interested in relevant updates to the games that are upcoming. They are also interested in what’s the history of your product, and what caused gaming developers to make changes in it. Therefore, as a creative agency in Los Angeles, we optimize content and make it link building worthy.

At WAYPOINT, we focus on content that grabs people’s attention, is carefully written, well-researched, or, in the case of images or videos, beautifully and artistically designed. Besides, we place our links on related high-quality websites and high profile social media accounts too.

  • Other SEO linking strategies.


Video marketing, Directory submission, guest blogging, writing authentic and relevant content, and following blog comments are also among the SEO promotion strategies for linking. 

SEO Linking is an ongoing process 

So if you get a bunch of quality links on your website, is it enough?

Definitely not! The job of link building is an ongoing process, and your opponents will become more search savvy. 

Does that mean you have to hire a creative marketing & graphic designing agency like us to help you build links? Not necessarily, although if you give the responsibility to an expert, it will make sure that your website is performing well in search and building links.

What can WAYPOINT do to make your links better?

We help you create links that are relevant, trusted, and diverse. With our digital marketing techniques and optimum web designing services, we build connections correctly, which guarantees the improvement of your site’s visibility. Decent links are crucial to help search engines provide promising results to its users, and so we assist in building Links that build value and authority. 

Don’t overlook these things while link building!

  • Don’t forget to administer link building on gaming forums.

When it comes to SEO for gaming sites, gaming forums are among the best target areas. They are an excellent place to attract attention towards your gaming website & broaden gamers’ social interaction. Thus, link building here can be an essential promotional trick. As they are a perfect platform to build backlinks, relevant links can generate interest among users and make your link building SEO method successful.

  • Use of social media.

Liking, commenting, sharing, strategic link building is incomplete if you do not promote your product on social media. No matter which industry you are from, advertising and SEO for gaming sites through backlinks cannot be done without engaging the public in digital platforms. Thus, we generate viral videogame gameplay trailer and content for gaming sites and attract the audience to a website through social media tools like hashtags and animated infographics and presentations.

Final Word

To wrap up, we at WAYPOINT think that link building is not the most straightforward SEO strategy of all. So, if you are still not confident about link building, then download this page, screenshot it, bookmark it, or follow WAYPOINT on Facebook and Twitter to know more about SEO strategies. Let us build useful links together!

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