Music Selection

You know when you listen to a song and get really into it and start visualizing a story to go along with it? Our brains allow us to develop emotional connections with musical tunes by interpreting the tone of the song through its lyrics or melody.

This week at WAYPOINT, we’ve been working on an app preview that is not gaming related as we are used to having here since we’re a game marketing agency — but of course we’re willing to try new things! This particular project requires us to find the right fit for a music track that will not only hype up the audience about the new app but also help them identify the tone of the app itself, which is intended to be a learning tool for users. Having the audience understand the app’s style and purpose is crucial in its branding, as the audience will know what kind of experience to expect from this app.

The sound design of an app or video must match the core tone of the project, otherwise you wind up with discrepancies in the combined branding efforts. It’s important to understand that every visual and auditory piece that is delivered to the audience is interpreted by that audience according to their emotional connections to those pieces. It is a brand’s focus and responsibility to direct the audience’s interpretation in order to ensure that the concept is interpreted by the target as intended.

Here’s an example of a couple of different types of videos and their appropriate music fits to match the tone and style, and even though both videos are for games, each game provides a different experience.

Super Mario 3D World Game – refer to 0:05 in the video

He-Man Game Trailer – refer to 0:32

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