How to Integrate Video into Your Digital Marketing Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing about games and explaining their gameplay, animated video content for video game marketing is the way to go. They may be CGI animation of a new game idea, live-action video of gameplays, or a simple game trailer giving a rough idea of the game. Several platforms have already made the switch to using videos as a significant part of their digital marketing strategies. What makes video content much better for advertising or explaining your content is that it keeps the viewers hooked. Even simple live-action videos, that show behinds the scenes or really quick time-lapse videos pique the viewer’s curiosity and may even bring some lead conversions when they check out your webpage. 

Why do you need to integrate video content?

These days, the easiest way to look for the features of any product or understand how a certain thing works, is to search it on Youtube and check out the suitable video. As the trends have suggested, video content including interesting graphic videos, CGI Animations etc is the future of the digital world. Trends suggest that in a few years almost all of the content on the internet will be digital, which means that the content you post now should have a significant amount of video content so that it still remains valid in the upcoming years. 

After the first question about the need for video content is resolved, the next pressing question is, “how should one go about adding video content?” Even though you can simply hire professional digital marketing experts to do the job for you, the same is not possible for small budding businesses or content creators. Here are some valuable tips to help you optimise your content better. 

How to add videos to your digital marketing strategies?

The online world offers you several opportunities to create your online footprint through video graphics and live-action video content. Some of the ways you can add videos to your promotion strategies are:


Even though adding video content like live-action videos or CGI animated videos is the most effective way of promoting your work and putting yourself out on the digital front, it is not feasible for everyone. Think of a new website that posts content related to game reviews, and gameplay strategies, the basic way to add video content will be to add the gameplays and strategies that the players can use. That would mean getting really good at every game that you post about and learn then record the gameplay videos, or you can simply make use of the existing video content and embed the links of gameplay videos or game trailers from youtube or Instagram for your website. 

In fact, there is something for everyone on Youtube. If you can’t create the content that you need, you can simply collaborate with channels that post content such as live-action videos or animations relevant to your content and add their video with your text content to create more impact. 

Use social media

When it comes to promoting your content, nothing is better than social media sites. With more than 3 billion people using social media, these platforms offer you the best place to publish your content and reach your target audience. Sites like Facebook and Instagram have a special niche for video content that you can use for your benefit. When these platforms are used correctly with the best Social Media video content tips and tricks, they bring in a lot of conversions and help you promote your brand effectively.

The featured videos from Facebook are a good place to start with. Simply select the videos that best describe your product or service and get it featured through your Facebook page. To make the whole ordeal more interesting and attractive, you can add feature videos with CGI animations explaining all about your product or service. 

You can also use Instagram to make reels or post featured story ads. Your video must be short, crisp and eye-catching. Instagram allows you a variety of video types, you can use the IGTV feature for posting live-action video content or add animations or graphic videos as the feature stories to attract your target audience. You can also add short reels with snippets from your longer, live-action videos to keep your audience engaged. You can also make your social media handles more interactive through free online workshops and webinars through the live video feature on Instagram. 

Youtube: the ultimate place for video content

The best platform to enhance your digital presence through video content is by Youtube. It is true that it takes time to grow on youtube, but if you are posting good quality content that your target audience will relate to, you have a fair chance. What makes video content such as game trailers or movie trailers so popular is the fact that they pique the interest of the viewers and compels them to check out the whole thing. If you think you can grab your audience’s interest within the first 5-6 seconds of your video, then youtube advertisements are also a great way to promote your brand. 

It is true that personalised videos, that have a call-to-action concept or interaction with the audience in some way or the other way are more successful. You can always use compilations like animations or live action of gameplays from sources on the internet to make. In fact, viewers start associating the voice or the style of the presenter in the videos, with certain brands. This means that you can easily use a specific style or voice for your video content or use a specific background tone to leave an impact about your brand, every time you add content. Using Youtube for digital marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase your online presence. 

Video Content for your page 

Research has proved that visuals like images, videos or animations leave a greater impact on our brains as compared to written text. This brings us to another interesting way to add video content with your brand’s online presence is to add small trailers at the launch page of your website. This will immediately grab your audience’s attention and simultaneously help them understand what your brand is all about. The introductory video doesn’t have to be something grand, or 15 minutes long explaining every aspect of your brand, that will just get boring after a few minutes. It can start with a time-lapse of any of your projects or simple CGI animation, optimised for web screens with a gist of your brand’s services and content. 

The introductory video may include answers to the following questions like: 

  • What is the aim of your brand?
  • What are the problems that you can resolve?
  • What are the special services that your brand offers?
  • How do you function as an organisation?
  • How can your audience trust you?

Highlighting the answers to some of these questions will help your viewers and target audience get the whole gist of your work within a minute or two. The video on the launch screen of your webpage will be like a trailer to what kind of service and solutions your audience can expect from you. It can also be something like a launch trailer for a new product or service offered by your brand.

Product videos and trailers

If you are a brand selling some product or merchandise related to a specific theme or fandom, you can also add that aspect to your video content digital marketing strategies. Instead of simply putting up pictures of your product, you can add small CGI animations or a compilation of series of images in the form of gif files. If your products include some things that have to be assembled or put together before use, you can also add an informative video answering the “how-to” question. Even if your product does not need any working before use, and is a basic product with no complex instructions, you can still add a small graphic video anyway, explaining the necessary safety precautions before and during the use of the product. 

If you do not have the resources to make videos for every product that you sell, you can simply collaborate with influencers who will provide you with detailed reviews in the form of video contents on platforms such are Instagram, Facebook and youtube. You can easily embed these videos on your website and increase the trust of your target audience. 


If you are a brand that also hosts events, webinars and seminars etc. it’s time to start recording those events to create an improved online presence through digital marketing. You can also add small clips from webinars that are relevant to specific text content on your blogs and add the videos there to make a better impact on your audience. You can also add the clips from your webinars as trailers to attract more audience for webinars and give them an insight into the kind of content they can expect when joining your webinars. If you have a live-action recording of the events organised by you, instead of just adding the pictures from the event, you can re-purpose those records and use them for your online brand promotion. You can also include the clips from your previous webinars and events in the emails you send to your prospective clients as samples.

To sum up

Integrating video content, specially complex videos and trailers with animations may seem like a big task in the beginning but with expert video- production agencies like WAYPOINT the task can be made simpler. It’s time to change with the evolving times and optimise your content as per the latest trends with video content.   

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