Our We Happy Few Time Capsule Wins a Game Packaging Clio Award

We Happy Few Capsule Influencer Kit

This year, the annual Clio awards recognized many achievements in the game industry. The Clio Awards was founded in 1959 to celebrate advancements in advertising across many different industries: sports, fashion, music, and entertainment to name a few. Some of the biggest gaming names to take home awards included Microsoft’s experimental behind-the-scenes look at FIFA, Clash of Clan’s integrated campaign, and the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Collector’s Edition.

Among the biggest winners, our friends over at Gearbox took home a few awards as well. Earlier this year, we designed and produced We Happy Few’s Time Capsule, which contained an assortment of collectible items, accessories, and prints from Gearbox’s newest title. It was themed to match the psychedelic horror and 1960’s tones of the game. Gearbox submitted the Time Capsule to the Clios under Games: Packaging, and it was declared a Bronze Winner.

We are very proud of the work we have put into the Time Capsule, and were ecstatic to hear that it has paid off with a Clio. WAYPOINT put a lot of effort into each item of the time capsule to make sure they each contributed to the overall set as well as being strong collectible items on their own.

The awards for We Happy Few don’t end there. Gearbox also took home three additional Clio awards. Their video spot dubbed “Haworth Labs: Introducing Joy” won a silver Clio under Games: Audio/Visual. Gearbox also produced a music video for The Make Believes, the band that performed the music on We Happy Few’s original vinyl soundtrack. This music video won a Silver Clio under “Games: Original Content”. To round off their 2018 Clio run, Gearbox also won a Bronze Clio for the We Happy Few | E3 Story Trailer.

You can see the rest of the winners from this year’s Clios on their site here. For a closer look at the Time Capsule, visit Gearbox’s new online store: Gearbox Loot. It contains a variety of merchandise from Gearbox properties, and has a custom built landing page for running through each component of the Time Capsule.

Thanks for reading up on our 2018 Clio Awards success. Stay tuned on the WAYPOINT blog for all the newest.

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