Why You Need A Game Creative When Developing Your Game

Game presentation and design are key factors to consider when developing a game. Video games, including mobile games, have been a billion-dollar industry for many years. As long as your game has the aesthetics and quality, there are higher chances it might be the next viral game of the year! The more creative and outstanding the game is, the more attention it will seek. Whether it is the character design, a hype trailer, or even the game packaging, the gaming community is often drawn toward something out of the box. That’s why game creative agencies come to the rescue. 

Game designers from all over the world offer insights into the creative process, from developing to designing. Creative directors are responsible for setting the overall vision for the game, including tone, story, platform, and even monetization. Additionally, they provide a large blueprint for the complete game experience and work with other functional teams to bring that vision to life.

In this blog, we will be looking at the details about a creative and why you need them when developing your game.

What Does A Creative Do?

A creative or video game creative agency makes sure your game project looks fantastic in all aspects. Working under the supervision of the game producer, the creative director manages and works with video game designers, illustrators, motion graphic artists, 2D/3D animators, and most of the professionals involved in the project. 

Also, ordinarily, a creative interacts directly with senior supervisors of each department.

They are considered the authority on the visual side of a video game. They constantly need to think of ways to keep a video game fun and attractive while maintaining the story and depth of the project. 

Here are some key roles of a creative in game development:

  • Bring out the creative aspects of the game, such as 2D/3D animation, character design, game plot, launch trailer, sound design, etc.
  • Find knowledgeable and creative team members for a project.
  • Coordinate duties between departments and keep an eye on the budget. 
  • Monitor and approve different project stages and present ideas and materials to clients. 
  • Keep the video game producer and executives updated.

Like a film director, the creative director also makes marketing and social media assets decisions. They must have a vision of the finished game and have the foresight to anticipate the future expectations of the audience.

What Skills Does A Game Creative Bring To The Table?

A creative is primarily deployed to think out of the box to envision a game and bring that to life. While artistic creativity remains a primary skill that a creative brings out, there is much more to that. Since game art creative agencies work closely with the game producer and other departments, several other skills equally matter. 

For instance, game creative agencies can also streamline the game production through effective communication. Especially when the creative works directly with the producer/director, they are the one who will make their idea work through understanding and bringing suggestions to the table. In addition, most creative directors tend to have Problem-solving and Divergent thinking to come up with equally  sensible alternatives if any idea fails.

Another skill that video game creative agencies bring to the table is their technical knowledge. Most video game creative directors have worked as video game designers at some point. This helps them keep up to date regarding computer software programs and the visual aspects of creating a video game. Overall, a creative brings on a good amount of creativity with a bunch of soft skills, helping a game developer throughout.

Different Types Of Creatives

Creative Ads


A creative director isn’t just limited to game development. They also present valuable deliverables to stakeholders since their creative conception & direction play a crucial role in several other fields. They work at film studios, magazines, marketing, advertising firms, charities, and other private companies.

Here are different types of creatives that you might find across game development and other industries. 

Video Game Creative Director

Since mobile and video games belong to one of the most creative sectors out there, a video game creative director plays a huge role. Yes, games require a high level of creative inputs such as the game plot, character design and name, UI/UX design, web design, game trailer, logo designs, etc.

In short, a video game creative director’s job is to oversee the look and feel of a video game and make significant decisions about the schedule, budget, and marketing, among other factors. 

Once the game is released, its audience reception and success highly depend on what the creative director has brought to the table. Most game developers and companies hire game art creative agencies to take care of the aforementioned aspects.

Copywriter/Creative Director

As the name implies, a copywriter/creative director manages a company’s creative writing and copywriting department. Copywriting is the creation of written ad copies intended to draw in potential buyers. 

On the other hand, creative writing focuses much on scriptwriting and creative aspects of a  video game or any entertainment product. Many creative directors usually hold seven to ten years of job experience and are expected to work under a senior art director or creative director.

Advertising/Retail Creative Director 

Advertising or retail creative director jobs focus on the marketing, particularly the advertising domains. Unlike digital creative directors, they work typically for traditional marketing agencies. Retail creative director positions can be found within individual companies or corporations from different niches. 

Both jobs are pretty familiar and involve creating and implementing advertising strategies and delegating work to staff through the management of an agency.

Digital Creative Director

A Digital creative director is a relatively new role as it evolved with the growth of digital marketing agencies. The position is usually technical and may require a bachelor of science degree and five to ten years of creative management experience. 

What makes them shine out is their understanding of different software programs and digital creative advertising strategy skills. Digital creative directors may also collaborate with other teams such as copywriters and advertisers to develop digital advertising campaigns and approve ad copy for social media banners.

Executive Creative Director

An executive creative director can be referred to as a senior-level role that requires fifteen or more years. To be eligible for this position, you need to have a strong record of employee management. A proven experience in creating effective marketing strategies will be a cherry on top.

What Does A Creative Do In A Video Game Agency?

Creative Director


The job of a Creative Director can differ from company to company. Typically, a creative sets the overall vision for the game, including the basic outline and other audiovisual aspects. 

Not to be confused with a game designer, a creative is responsible for the art direction, whereas a designer executes those ideas through technology.

Ever thought about who decides the genre of your game? Or what characters, demography, or sound effects would go well together to make the game go viral? 

A genre breakdown of video game sales revealed that action games hold the top spot with a 26.9% market share, followed by Shooters at 20.9%, and Role-playing games at 11.3%. Thanks to creative directors in video game agencies who take care of these crucial aspects.

Sometimes, the creative works with an Executive Producer, where the creative’s sole responsibility is to develop the game fun, and the latter makes sure that it’s done. Some game projects also have Executive Creative Directors, who are generally responsible for the big-picture IP or vision, especially if the project is based on a licensed IP.

The most crucial role of a creative in a video game agency is the ability to effectively communicate their vision. For example, if you have the most brilliant idea for your next game, but you explain and bring it to life, it can be a tremendous failure. Here, a creative makes your job easier by initiating an exciting and practical vision and working step-by-step to make it real. 

Why Do You Need A Creative In A Video Game Agency?

game creative agency


According to a survey, there were 2.69 billion video game players worldwide in 2020, which was projected to rise to 3.07 billion in 2023. With a booming community of gamers, game development companies are always hunting for new ideas and storylines that set the bars high. Since it’s quite challenging to develop viral games in the pool of competitors, what matters is creativity

Thankfully, you can bridge this gap by hiring a professional game creative agency with the right skills and talents to help your next project hit the charts. The ease of bringing out a creative storyline, deciding upon hype trailers, 2D/3D animation, playable ads, and interactive banners, is why your brand needs a gaming agency. See the 10 reasons why your brand needs a game creative agency.

Is your next game project all about bringing something fresh to the gamers? Hire a specialist gaming agency creative today.

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