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In the former few decades, the gaming industry has flourished in a manner that paved the way for many successful graphic designing companies, creative agencies, and video gaming agencies worldwide. Creating a video game from scratch is a job of meticulous research, maximum creativity, and a strong marketing hold. Video game marketing and creative agencies are established around the world to provide such services. Los Angeles, a popular gaming hub, has many such video game creative agencies equipped to handle marketing strategies and graphic designs for video game marketing and advertising. One of the best Los Angeles based video game creative agencies is WAYPOINT.

WAYPOINT is an award-winning video game creative agency that handles all the requirements like marketing, graphic designing, and advertising from the beginning to the end. This company was started to channelize the passion and creativity of hard-working professionals to enrich the gaming experience of thousands of gamers across the globe. Having been in the business of gaming industry for over a decade, the brand has managed to create and maintain brand loyalty among a considerable population. The brief description of the multiple services provided by this established video game creative agency is- animation, live-action, key art, video production, branding, digital solutions, promotional items, graphic design, websites for video games, etc. Every employee is highly qualified to give you an optimum solution related to video game marketing and creativity. Efficient service is always something that WAYPOINT never fails to deliver. Here are some perks of enabling the collector’s edition service from this video game marketing agency.

Collector’s Editions: A Gamer’s True Treasure

Every gamer’s hobby will be to own and treasure their favorite game’s collector’s edition. For a significant number of gamers, it’s more than a hobby; it holds value to them. Collector’s edition is excellent to attract consumers to buy your game as it comes with these added fun products or items based on the virtual game. WAYPOINT takes care of the manufacturing of the collector’s edition from scratch. The aim is to make the contents of the package as engaging as the video game and, thus, work hard to develop innovative ideas to make your collector’s edition unique from other ones available in the market. WAYPOINT, the best agency for video game creative services Los Angeles, handles concepts like 2D designing, mockups, 3D prototypes, and modeling. The contents are pre-produced for approval and testing. They have efficient means of transportation so you can trust them to deliver your products at any warehouse in the world. The service is further extended to creating promotional content of the collector’s edition for social media and the print media. They can also set up a different section for the e-commerce distribution for your collector’s edition on your official gaming website. Here are some perks of enabling the collector’s edition service from this video game creative agency:

  1. Innovative prototype building – WAYPOINT understands that each game has different characteristics than the other, and, thus, builds a customized prototype sample for the client. Manufacturing an ingenious collector’s edition from scratch is certainly no child’s play. Meticulous research and days of brainstorming by the professionals of this exceptional video game agency lead to the creation of the first batch of prototype samples for the clients. This makes it suitable for the customers, as they can get a rough outline of the products in their special collector’s edition and simultaneously give their suggestions to modify the items.
  1. Wide marketing outreach strategies – Having a strong marketing strategy is excruciatingly crucial in any industry. Without it, the product, no matter how unique or useful, loses its value in the market. This popular video game creative agency Los Angeles has a qualified team of marketing strategists to successfully launch the collector’s edition. Creating hype is vital to increase sales. It can be done through means like pre-order campaigns and other social media crusades. WAYPOINT has a wide reach in the video game market, which is useful to reach a large consumer base at once.
  1. Packaging designs – The more charming the product looks, the more it sells in the market. In the marketing industry, it is best not to believe the quote ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ as the cover consists of the same level of importance as the rest of the included contents. This reputed video game creative agency does not comprise the outer design of the package. The box looks every bit of trendy and creative, as the inclusive contents do. The company researches the game to make the packaging entirely video game based. The innovative packaging design increases the excitement of the consumers receiving the box.
  1. Pricing options – The price of the collector’s edition depends on numerous factors. Nonetheless, WAYPOINT has specific pricing policies that help the client, and the video game marketing agency Los Angeles, reach a reasonable price. The cost depends on the game for which the collector’s edition is game and on factors like the content inside the box. Statues and figurines are usually a costly component in the box as they are 3-D modeled, and some of them are hand-painted to enhance the intricate details. The soundtrack included in the collector’s edition can determine the total value of the box. Any extra DLC items included in the box increases the price of the overall product.
  1. Immediate stock replacement and delivery – WAYPOINT is proud to maintain every deadline set forth by its prestigious clients. It promises to deliver efficiency along with a top-notch quality batch of collector’s editions. Punctuality is not compromised in the process of creativity as they deliver the ordered collector’s edition to any of the client’s warehouses in the world in the given time frame. The stock is also quickly fulfilled after they are sold out in the market. They also help with the e-commerce distribution process by setting up a website for online shopping.
  1. Low-run plan: the direct path to increase exclusivity – One smart way to make your product desirable and valuable than the other products in the market is to increase its exclusivity. It’s basic consumer psychology. For example, people desire gems like diamonds because they are exclusively meant for the high-class part of society. Similarly, making the collector’s edition limited and implementing a pre-order strategy creates a certain hype and desire among the audience. It makes them feel privileged and distinguished from their peers. This also spreads the awareness of the exclusive collector’s edition in the market. The pre-order strategy is also an excellent way to measure the estimated demand and desirability of the product. This way, it helps the team allocate and use the specific resources needed to manufacture the items with zero wastage. 

Collector’s Edition: What’s In The Package?

The package contents vary from client to client, but this video game creative agency also offers a range of other items that can be included in the package. The majority of the consumer base are teens, and, thus, items that are cool or have swag become immediately desirable to them. DLC content is commonly included in every produced collector’s edition. Other swag goodies like miniature statues, art books, steelbooks, customized merchandise, etc. These items are the psychical mementos of the virtual game and therefore are immensely popular among gamers. Unboxing videos of the collector’s edition by famous YouTubers or any other well-known personality adds the extra frenzy among the audience to get their hands on the collection as soon as possible.

Final Verdict: How Collector’s Edition Is Successfully Marketed By Video Game Creative Agency
Digital marketing has become an extensive form of marketing in today’s world. A breath of fresh air from the traditional ways, digital marketing has evolved the way the buyer and seller perceive things. It has given a platform to artists and tech-savvy individuals to explore and showcase their talent. The product may be advanced and of top-notch quality, but it is of no use if it doesn’t reach the targeted audience. This where a well-experienced video game creative agency comes in to handle all the marketing and creative processes to build your brand’s reputation and increase the consumer base. Professional marketing and creative agencies will understand the client’s core vision and help them to propagate that through the marketing means.

WAYPOINT has worked with many reputed companies like the Pokémon Company International and Komani to create specialized collector’s edition kits. The contents include high-quality playing cards, stickers, plushies, stickers, etc. It is an agency with an organized work system, creative and passionate professionals, high-end customer service, and is equipped with cutting edge technologies that make it an ideal choice as compared to its other competitors. The employees are updated on recent advancements and research to assist you in making well-informed decisions about the company’s marketing strategies.

WAYPOINT’s unbeatable, user-friendly, and cost-effective video game creative service is just what the world of video game creative agency needs.

WAYPOINT’s recommendations for your Collector’s Edition:
– Include the game with all versions of CE
– Include Steel book (potentially different steel book for standard/premium)
– Include soundtrack (digital/physical to differentiate standard/premium)
– PVC Statue at least 10″ tall with attention to character detail over supporting environment
– Research reveals that interactive elements help generate online content (Easter eggs, item that can be used in conjunction with another item, secret compartment in packaging etc.)
– At least 6 supporting items including DLC and packaging
– Do not use key art for outer packaging, should be object or design related to game universe
– 2 Editions, 1 with limited quantity and additional premium item (devil mask for example)
– Research reveals that CE’s with high quality items and basic packaging are better received than the opposite scenario. If you need to make a choice, put focus on high quality items and opt for simple packaging that is more functional. 

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