Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Video Game Marketer

How does one become a video game marketer, and what does a game marketer really do?

In today’s world, every field and industry needs to use marketing to sell their products or services. In earlier times, one could do without the use of marketing. Still, with the increasing competition and the number of products simply present in the market, one has to stand out compared to the competitors, or else the customer might not have a special motivation to choose your brand over a competitor’s.

The same goes for video game agencies, and hence globally, there is a great need for game marketers in the market. This is the reason why more and more job openings are seen at digital marketing agencies and will continue to be seen in these firms.

What is a video game marketer?

A general marketer or a digital marketer is someone responsible for increasing the sales of a particular product produced by the company or marketing the entire company to bring in more customers and, in turn, increase the popularity of its products. A video game marketer is someone specifically responsible for increasing the sales of the video games developed by the video game agencies.

If you are someone who enjoys playing video games quite a lot and if you have quite sufficient knowledge about the games and what a customer looks for in a video game, you might consider becoming a video game marketer.

What does a video game marketer do?

video game marketer


There are various things a video game marketer does, some of them are given here to give you an idea of what this job expects from you,

Digital advertisement designing

Online advertising is a distinct practice that is frequently included as part of a brand’s entire digital marketing plan. This involves the dissemination of promotional content via online platforms. 

There are various forms of promotional content used by video game agencies, such as video game trailers which are short extracts of the game to give a potential customer the gist of what this game has to offer. This “Coming Soon” is the best way of marketing a video game.

Development of plans for social media campaigns

A social media plan defines your social media goals and how they fit into your entire marketing strategy. It can help you determine your target audience, which social networks to join, and what kind of material to create and post. Depending on your content’s engagement, you might get or lose a customer. Hence, a strong social media campaign can not be developed without a deep understanding of what you are offering to the customer and what target audience your product is targeting. 

Identification of your target audience

The easiest strategy to identify your target audience is to consider the unique demands that your product or service addresses. It’s critical to establish the source of the discomfort and then ascertain who is experiencing it. Age, gender, wealth, location, interests, and a variety of other criteria can all influence who your target audience is.

The more detailed information you can provide about your target audience, the more effective your advertising will be.

Manage a marketing team

A marketing specialist has a ton of responsibilities, and hence they ought to have an eye for details. Apart from that, many things need to be done for game marketing which means working alone is impossible.

If you like working in teams and have a creative mind, this is the right career for you as being a video game marketer also means you will have to work with a team and socialise with people.

Understanding what content your target audience prefers

Once you identify the target audience, you get a clear picture of what kind of content this target audience absorbs. Depending on this, you can select the content type most appropriate and efficient for your audience. 

For example, if your target audience is teenagers between the age of 15 to 19, you can use Instagram as your marketing platform and might be able to identify what content type these teenagers are highly interested in. By identifying this, you will be able to reach a huge section of people. 

Researching to identify your potential competitors

This process involves conducting competitive analysis. This refers to the strategy that entails investigating your competitors’ products, sales, and marketing strategies. Conducting a competitive market study has several advantages, including strengthening business strategies, fending off competitors, and grabbing market share.

Writing or creating engaging content which will please your audience

In video game marketing, one might use Product photography and create social media content such as videos or creative writing (with a pinch of quick wit, obviously), which will help the company in attracting future customers or keeping the current audience interested in your brand. 

The customers might also enjoy some fun Behind-the-scenes content like pictures and videos. Companies such as Waypoint create highly engaging content in the video game industry. A simple glimpse of their website will provide you with a better and clearer picture to understand which types of content are used in video game marketing.

What skills are required to become a video game marketer?

Most marketing professionals hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, media relations, public relations, advertising, or a related field. Marketing professionals with academic qualifications are respected in the industry and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in video games. Generally, the skills you will need to make a career as a video game marketer are,

Marketing skills

This encompasses a wide range of abilities, including creative writing and design. Since marketing skills apply to any type of campaign or promotion, you can tailor them to the needs of your specific set of clients.

Communication skills

As mentioned earlier, being a game marketer or just any marketing agency in this industry, you will have to interact with a variety of people from various backgrounds on a daily basis which is exactly why you need to master your communication skills before getting into this industry.

In this role, professionals communicate by interacting with the client and their team, presenting campaign suggestions to clients, writing creative content for promotions, and reporting on the campaign’s success.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking abilities include the ability to use critical thinking to solve complex problems and plan for the future. This is an important skill for video game marketers because it is highly necessary for both campaign development and implementation.

Strategic thinking assists marketers in determining advertising methods, when to begin promoting the video game, and which platforms to use for the campaign.

Data Analysis

Now you might think about what data analysis has to do with marketing, but in all seriousness, you will need these skills to understand what your audience likes. A simple google form survey will help you understand what your target audience is highly engaged in as well as what works or does not work for them. 

Various campaigns these days involve the collection of audience data which will further be needed to put into a simpler manner for you to understand. Once you do that, you will be able to pinpoint what is the best possible way to move forward.

Collaboration skills

People with collaborative skills work well with others, hence, having the same, you will be able to work well with several stakeholders such as your clients, game designers, developers, marketing teams, and others in the gaming industry.

What kind of video game marketing jobs are there, and how to identify the best one for you?


Before you look for a job at a game marketing agency, remember! It is highly required for you to have a degree in marketing, public relations, media relations, or a related field. In case you already have this, develop your resume and highlight how you possess the skills that are mentioned here. If, in your previous jobs, you have used these skills somewhere, make sure you mention them. This will help you stand out compared to the other candidates.

Identify what it is that interests you in the video game marketing world, and based on the same, look for the job that suits your interest the best. These roles range from general marketing managers, content marketing managers, copywriters, PR managers, and Digital marketing managers to User acquisition managers.

If you are a recent graduate in the field of marketing, look for a place that will help you grow and build on your skills. This will give you a deeper understanding of both general marketing as well as gaming industry marketing. 

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what it takes to become a video game marketer. Now you must check out the cool game marketing companies to get the gist of just how exciting and interesting video game marketing is. 

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