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Top Creative Agencies, A-Z

WAYPOINT values transparency and being well-informed. With 4 offices around the world (UK, France, Canada, USA) and 14 years in the video game and entertainment marketing industries, we’ve worked on projects like key art for Assassin’s Creed, collector’s editions for Sony, life-size statues for Square Enix, and CG videos for Machine Zone, to name a few. Although we provide most of the services game companies need to promote themselves and/or their games we are aware that you may want to have various options to consider for your upcoming projects. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of agencies who we think highly of on a creative level.

Whether you end up working with WAYPOINT or not, don’t worry, we have you covered! Let us help you get the lay of the land. Check out the following list for a review of the top creative agencies including the services they provide. We will add to this list occasionally so feel free to send us a submission. See below to get a free creative brief template.


Ayzenberg Web

Driven by data, Ayzenberg is a frontline agency that prides itself on listening, creating, and sharing creative content. It’s approach fosters a relationship of trust between the agency and its clients, such as Zynga, Mattel and Facebook. Ayzenberg specializes in digital, original content, brand identification, consumer electronics, etc., carrying out projects with collaboration and innovation.


Battery Agency

Battery Agency’s idea of fearless work for brave clients has turned into impressive work brought together by creatives, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This team specializes in brand development, production, and industry verticals; serving brands such as Mortal Kombat, Mike’s Hard, and Injustice.


Biborg Web

Helping clients stand out through innovative brand experiences, Biborg offers online display advertising, video production, and in-store interactives among other services. Since 2009, this tight-knit and active team has collaborated with clients ranging from Google, to FENDI, and Netflix. Biborg is proud to be an independent agency pushing boundaries and discovering new technologies.


Blitz Agency

With a squad of geeks, storytellers, and business minds, Blitz Agency is proud to produce artistic and scientific work that builds bonds between brands and their audiences. Ranging from strategy to digital products, to search and digital installations, Blitz’s work helps brands such as Asus, Garner, Starbucks, and Icelandair.


BOND Entertainment Marketing Agency Focus Film Television Gaming Industries

BOND is an entertainment marketing agency with a lot of big titles under their belt. They focus on the film, television, and gaming industries and have worked on titles such as League of Legends, Bioshock, and Batman: Arkham Origins. Their main services include identity, digital, retail & spatial, and packaging & product design.


Buddha Jones creates innovative theatrical, television, streaming, social media and video game marketing campaigns as well as ground-breaking motion and main title graphic across all genres.


Create is an entertainment marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and London, with work spanning from Theatrical to Television, from Gaming to VR, from In-Theater to at-home, to mobile, to digital, to print, and everything in between.


WAYPOINT | Video Game Marketing Agency

Development Plus, Inc. is an agency that focuses on video game collector edition design and manufacturing. Their impressive catalog includes the Dark Souls series, Borderlands 2, Saints Row IV, and Watch Dogs 2. DPI’s collector’s editions services focus on packaging, plushes, figurines, and product replicas.


Dark Burn Creative Video Editing Production Services Motion Graphics Gameplay Capture

Based in Chatsworth, CA, Dark Burn Creative is a creative agency and production studio that focuses on video editing, production services, motion graphics, and gameplay capture for video games. They have done amazing work for several AAA franchises such as Star Wars, Battlefield, and Titanfall.


Eyestorm Web

Eyestorm Productions is a creative agency who serves clients such as NBC Universal, GameStop, and Hasbro since 2005. This advertising agency is known for generating buzz and creating engagement through its work with brand strategy, audio visuals, media buying, social media, and visual identity. Eyestorm Productions produces outstanding trailers by taking on creative challenges and brainstorming effective solutions. 


Fire Without Smoke

Fire Without Smoke is made up of experienced marketers and avid gamers who focus on game trailers, live action, CG and animation, mobile and virtual reality, design, and events. This diverse team works with brands such as NIOH, Eve Valkyrie, Hitman, and The Division, among others.


Based in the UK, FLUID is a creative agency that has worked with the world’s most famous entertainment brands. Their impressive client list includes Ubisoft, Square Enix, XBOX, SEGA, Activision, and many more. They have a portfolio full of strong visually impactive work and cover everything from gaming, tv/film, music, and lifestyle brands.


Gaming Heads

Specializing in collectibles items, Gaming Heads carefully crafts pieces keeping in mind audiences of enthusiastic fans. This team is proud to produce limited edition collectibles of the highest quality for gamers around the world.


WAYPOINT | Video Game Marketing Agency

Geekify is THE company to reach out to for customized products. Their highlighted services include virtual reality sessions, laser and vinyl cuttings, cosplay, metal working, as well as general product merchandising. Some really cool products they have made include a Magic the Gathering cape made of trading cards and home-grown bismuth crystals.


Gentle Giant Web

With a team of highly talented artisans and the most advanced scanning techniques, Gentle Giant designs and manufactures 3D representations of popular characters, props, and scenery from various renowned brands for fans and collectors around the world. DC Comics, The Walking Dead, and Warcraft are only some of the brands this agency works with, along with those on the film side, such as Thor and Hulk.



Goldtooth, an all-in-one creative studio with a team of advertising, cinematic, and visual effects specialists, offers services ranging from script development to motion graphics and live action. Goldtooth works with brands such as Deus Ex, Mobile Strike, Gears of War 4, and Magic.



Founded in 1988, HAMMER has brought ideas to life for decades in game-play trailers, CG production, live action, logo design, and motion GFX. With a talented team of creative directors and editors, music composers, motion graphics artists, and production partners, HAMMER delivers video content to clients like Lego, 2K Games, Bethesda, and more. 


Happy Worker‘s team of toy and design geeks keeps cheerily busy creating and obsessing over custom toys and exclusive collectibles.


Idea Planet Web

Idea Planet‘s story-driven and personally engaging marketing approach makes for custom processes where this team creates life-size products in any material, from plastic to paper, metal, glass, and electronics. For over 15 years, Idea Planet has also offered packaging and merchandising solutions for brands such as Monsters Inc., The Simpsons, and Halo, to name a few.


Ignited Web

Ignited is a group of creatives, strategists, and entrepreneurs who are highly motivated by the power of curiosity. With 17 years of experience, Ignited has delved into various industries ranging from entertainment to gaming, apparel, hospitality, and government. Clients like Sanuk, Sony, Zico, and U.S. Army have had a taste of the engaging work Ignited produces through digital media, mobile marketing, digital production, experiential, and content creation.


Ignition Web

By combining branding with entertainment since 2003, Ignition‘s work serves clients like Cirque Du Soleil, ESPN, HBO, Paramount, TBS, and various others. This creative agency prides itself in having a multi-faceted skills set including: competitive research, concept development, emerging platforms, channel optimization, media/campaign planning, etc.



Midnight Oil Web

With 40 years under their belt, creatives at Midnight Oil produce high quality work which has earned them clients like Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, etc. for whom this dynamic marketing agency has offered services in brand experience, print, digital, promotions, and creative. Midnight Oil focuses on connecting emotions to culture and meaning in its craft while influencing, shaping, and redefining brand values.


Off Base Web

Off Base Productions specializes in conceiving, designing, and creating, bridging traditional marketing with digital and social content, interaction and motion design, development, digital strategy. Off Base’s range of work serves clients like Nintendo, Konami, and SEGA.


Petrol Web

For 12 years, Petrol has built brand identity for billion dollar clients. Through passion, pride, and partnership, this agency provides 360-degree marketing, media planning, audio visuals, and various other services for big names including Walt Disney, UFC, and Mattel.


Platform Web

As an advertising agency, Platform‘s cutting-edge model offers creative, digital development, editorial, interactive, production, and post production services. With 6 years of experience in domestic and international advertising, Platform has earned business from clients like Spike TV, Ubisoft, and Amazon.


PowerUp Factory Focus Collector's Edition Licensed Merchandise For Video Games

PowerUp Factory started in 2012 by specializing on collector’s editions but they eventually expanded into licensed merchandise for video games. These include action figures, collectible statues, plush items, prop replicas, and electronic peripherals. Their portfolio boasts some very impressive custom-made items!


Get to know Reborn: a digital creative studio specialized in design, web, and mobile experiences. They have a keen eye for slick UI/UX design for anything from web projects to apps and games. Look no further than their elegant site and portfolio; you’ll know quickly that they know stylish and functional design.



Inspired by the emotions players have during games, Rez makes sure that visions turn into thrilling game trailers, concepts, scripts, and motion graphics. This type of work at Rez serves brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 4, and Dark Souls 3.


Sid Lee

Transforming brands into growth platforms is at the core of Sid Lee’s  values. Their expertise in storytelling, advertising, content production, events, and design has led this team to work with well known brands such as Facebook, Samsung, The North Face, and others.


Supercool Creative

Helping brands achieve milestones and success, Supercool Creative offers services for video production, marketing and advertising, public relations, and social media. This team has landed clients such as Pizza Hut, IBM, and T-Mobile with high-quality and relatable work.


SUPERCRITICAL is an entertainment industry marketing agency that specializes in bringing creative media brands to life. Born from the increasing demands of our acclaimed sister company, video game creative agency, WAYPOINT, we recognized the industry’s cry for a marketing agency specializing in user experience in addition to traditional methods. 


TAKEOFF Montreal

A one-stop shop focusing on video games and pop culture, Nothing gets fans hyped up like an exciting trailer! TAKEOFF Creative can cater to all your video production needs including Gameplay Footage Capture, VFX, Motion Graphics, Editing, Voice Recording, 2D/3D Compositing, Sound Design and more.
Make a lasting impression with visual assets that will help you stand out from the crowd. We are pixel wizards and vector warriors: Press Kits, Packaging, Manuals, Inlays and Label Design, Print Ads, Key Art, POP and Out of Home.
TAKEOFF Creative can help you shine bright on every screen with interactive experiences that will engage audiences worldwide: HTML5 Apps, Micro Sites, Display and Rich Media Ads, Newsletters, Social Media Assets, Crowd Funding Campaign Assets (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc), Skins, Online Game Store Assets (PSN, XBLA, Steam) and more.
Tell your story with professionally shot live action videos. We have extensive experience in creating Dev Diaries, TV Commercials and Interviews to name a few. We can handle your project from start to finish including Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Production Coordination, Editing and Sound Design.
This is your calling card, what makes you so easily recognizable. We understand the needs of the industry and can craft a memorable identity for your brand: Logo Design, Brand Creation and Identity, Concept Art, Logo Reveals and Style Guides.
Rev up excitement with promotional items and collector’s editions! From concept to prototype to final product, TAKEOFF Creative can help you create collectibles that gamers will cherish for years to come: Figurines, Custom Controllers, Buzz Kits, Premium Game Edition, Limited Editions, Swag, Real-life Replicas and Stand Alone Editions.


The Game Agency

The Game Agency develops video games and specializes in training, marketing, educating developers and designers, and tracking data. This team gaming lovers serves brands ranging from Hasbro, to Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.


The Gamer Agency

With a team of producers, engineers, strategists, designers and executives, The Gamer Agency provides media, experiential, and talent related services for prestigious clients such as Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, and Sony Pictures.


Trailer Park Web

Trailer Park, a media/entertainment marketing agency provides popular content through services such as: film, home entertainment, TV promos, print, etc. This agency is a team of innovators who make, market, and move content for brands and audiences. Clients including Amazon Studios, Bravo, and Pixar keep Trailer Park busy with projects leading to various creative avenues. 


Project Triforce Web

High-end creator, TriForce produces 1:1 scale replicas of characters from widely known video games for collectors around the world. With state-of-the-art materials and techniques, this team’s realistic work represents brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War 3, and Batman among others.


Yellow Studio is an artistically-minded international design firm based in New York City.

They specialize in production design, creative direction, event production and art direction. Their projects range from televised productions (like the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards), to musical performances (like U2 and David Guetta at Trafalger Square), to in-person activations (like Nickelodeon’s Slime City in Atlanta, GA).

Liquid Arcade

Liquid+Arcade is a full-service agency specializing in cutting edge online and integrated campaigns. Founded by industry veterans and staffed by the next generation of pioneers, we offer clients a rare partnership of perspective and innovation. Whether a campaign calls for branding, ROI, viral strategy or niche targeting, chances are Liquid has done it, and done it well.

ANTFARM (Closed)


Full-service entertainment marketing and advertising agency, ANTFARM was founded in 1996 and has since provided services ranging from theatrical to games, emerging media, broadcast, digital, and experiential. The ANTFARM team consists of storytellers, strategists, and artists, who join creative forces in producing, marketing, and distributing diverse content for major brands such as Microsoft, Chevrolet, HP, and Neutrogena. Their most notable work lies in the editing, design, and campaign arenas

What to look for in a good creative agency

As an expert entertainment marketing agency, we focus on the gaming industry and our goal here was to inform you about the outstanding services available for your projects. Our abilities as a team enable us to be active in every step of creative design and our clients trust us to deliver according to their individual needs. From animated website takeovers for World of Warships, Wolverine, or Godzilla, to app/game trailers for Planes and Super Mario 3D World, to press kits for Batman and Thief, our projects require extensive planning, transparent communication, and reliability. Those are qualities you should seek in a service provider and we’re glad that you came to us to help you identify the best team for you to collaborate with.

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We hope you found what you’re looking for in this review of the top creative agencies – now let’s make something to brag about… we look forward to hearing from you!

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