Perfecting Your Pitch – How to Get Your Creative Agency Noticed Over The Competition

If you are a video game creative looking to properly present yourself, you want an advertising agency that is the cream of the crop. A group of professionals that can help you to stand out from the rest. This makes many creative agencies eager to constantly improve and evolve. Marketing a video game creative takes a strong plan and concise planning. You don’t want a client ranting on the Internet while giving you bad reviews. This will make you lose your credibility. 

You want your creative agency to get noticed over competition. It’s 2020 and a lot of sales tactics that used to work in the past are being abandoned for better, smarter tactics. You have to perfect your pitch and make a great first impression to get high quality clients.

Make An Offer That Stands Out

The whole “Limited Time Offer” has been overdone in the past to create a huge sense of urgency. In a lot of business deals all it does is undermine the trust that the client may have for you. They already see offers like that plastered around the Internet. The fake deadline is meant to make the customer to sign the dotted line quickly. It can have an adverse effect and push the client away. 

If you have a relatively fixed price for the video game creative that you are trying to close a deal with, try to build urgency by telling them the price will be raised in the next 30 days or so. Give them an expiration date that will be in harmony with their quarterly goals. That way they will build up the urge within themselves to act quickly.

Every quote you give should have an expiration date. So, when they choose to decline and come back months later, they won’t be able to negotiate. You can reference the old price they were given before and revise the pricing.

Meet In Person

When you are presenting your pitch, a video game creative will want a creative advertising agency specializing in 4 key creative services. Your graphic design package should include key art, packaging, logo design and point of sale. Meeting them in person rather than in a virtual setting will make your client more inclined to pay attention to what you have to say. More ideas can be tossed back and forth. And the pitch that you present will be taken more seriously.

Small talk must be initiated by the creative agency. You have to put forth the effort to connect with your client on a personal level. The relationship you have with your customer is everything. You want your reputation to stand strong in the long run. The value you are bringing should overshadow closing a deal.

If there is no way that you can meet face to face, make sure your video call is very professional. Prepare ahead and make sure that you have a high definition camera, fast connection, and a stand-alone mic. Dress up the same way that you would dress up if you had to meet them in the office.

Have Proper Body Language And Confidence

Building a healthy relationship with your customer is just a part of the equation. Your body language and confidence are very important. Big smiles are contagious. When you smile, positive energy will emit throughout the room. Don’t slouch. Keep your shoulder upright and maintain proper eye contact. Talking slow and elevating your voice during important parts of your pitch will keep your client’s attention. Also practice power poses. For example, putting your hand on your hips give you the Superman effect.

While speaking with confidence, keep an eye out on how your prospect’s body language or reactions are. You want the video game creative to be on the edge of their seat and excited to work with your creative agency. If their facial expressions show otherwise, then it is time to shift your approach.

Be Equipped With Knowledge

Having the technical know-how incorporated into your pitch is important in reaching a video game creative heart. They want to know that you are knowledgeable about what they are passionate about. So, don’t be gimmicky with your answers. Show your prospective client that you are an expert. Be prepared for the brief/RFP. To stand out you always have to be the type that goes above and beyond your competitors. Give full responses. Add extra tips that you think they didn’t know they needed or will consider. 

Have you done projects similar to the one that your client is interested in doing? Showcase your previous work. Waypoint Agency has a case study, with an influencer marketing kit that is sure to impress. Include successful testimonials in your pitch. Support your past achievements with data charts and exceptional numbers.

When you can prove to them that you understand their market and their product, they won’t want to turn to anyone else. Provide links to previous popular video game marketing campaigns. Include references of projects that you know have given you positive reviews. Providing proof will put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Close The Sale With Empowering Questions

It used to be that using Jedi Mind Tricks to presume a close would gain you a new client. But the video game creative you are selling to may be one step ahead of the game. Many creatives are deep-thinkers don’t sign deals without doing the proper research and analysis. For example, if the creative tells you that your sales presentation is great, and that they will get back to you, don’t jump to send them the contract. They will catch on to the fact that you are rushing the process. Instead, soften your approach. Don’t make presumptions. Ask questions. Ask politely: Would you like me to send over the contract so that you can review it? You can even say: Would you like me to send over a sample contract to you? The term “sample contract” makes the question a bit softer. They will feel empowered because you are handing them the freedom to choose whether they want to move on or not. Empowering your buyer will clarify that the decision is up to them. This will help you to win deals. 

Present To Them An All-In-One Solution

To make your deal more lucrative you have to present a package that is full of goodies. For example, if you are offering a video game creative a web design project, why just stop at that? You can also add in with your offer a mobile app, a custom CMS, and even more. If you have to expand your team or learn more skills just know that this is the sacrifice you have to make to be a big winner. Give solutions that will connect them to the right platforms. You want to establish a long-term relationship with the client. So, the more, the merrier.

The creative agency industry is very competitive. Every video game creative wants an agency that will help them be a bestseller. Asking the right questions will make your prospective customer stick to you like glue. Entice them with a package that they will never forget. With a unique offer, face-to-face meetup, proper body language, confidence, and knowledge, your creative agency will surely seal many deals. 

Waypoint Agency is an award-winning creative agency located in Los Angeles, California. They have perfected their pitch, and can come up with a custom package that will meet your creative needs.

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