Five Ways A Creative Agency Can Market Your Video Game

If you are a video game developer you will need a powerful team behind you. A strong foundation must be built for you to have a fruitful business. A creative agency can help you lay the bricks upon stable ground. 

Some video game developers might try to carry all the marketing tasks on their own back. Doing that will only leave you exhausted and mentally drained. A creative agency can equip you with the tools and marketing tactics that you need to succeed. 

In this post, we will breakdown and analyze 5 ways a creative agency can market your video game. You deserve to be rewarded for your innovative projects.

1. Promotion Of Your Video Game Through Trailers

Videos are taking storm in the animation industry. Many video game developer’s consumers are visual learners. They want to learn about your product through a funny yet informative graphic. Producing a trailer that can capture your audience’s attention while attracting them with a call-to-action is well worth your time.

A creative agency can form a trailer that is full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. They have the expertise and caliber to derive the right results. 

The video should be promoted amongst social media, influencers, bloggers, and publications. A budget can be used toward effective social media advertising. Awareness must be brought to your product for your sales to increase. Once your ideal customer attention is caught it will be hard for them not to want to make a purchase. The trailer should include an ample description of your video game. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bring you a steady influx of customers. Utilizing video-sharing platforms will increase your viewership. The future of content marketing is video, so it should be used wisely. A creative agency can help you to implement an efficient content marketing plan.

2. Gathering Positive Reviews And Feedback

Through technology, many consumers have an abundance of options available to them. To make your brand stand out, you have to build up trust with your audience. A creative agency can help you do that through positive reviews and feedback.

As a video game developer, you want other video game gurus to bring credibility to your product. A creative marketer can help you to increase your ratings and reviews. They are invested in finding strategies that can increase your consumer base.

The gaming industry is popular when it comes to reviewing culture. Your business should use this to their advantage. Do free giveaways while promoting your product on social media. It is important that your value your consumer’s critique. People will only want to run to a brand where they feel heard. Listen to the feedback that your consumers give and improve your product if necessary. Your brand voice has to rely upon the opinions of your clients. Feedback and reviews can also assist you by guiding you in the direction needed to improve your customer experience. When your ratings and reviews enhance, your customer satisfaction will elevate.

3. Engaging Regularly On Social Media

A proven, winning strategy that will gain the attention of prospective customers is social media marketing. The video game industry helped to lead the social media marketing revolution. A creative agency will sketch out a brand marketing campaign that will build excitement around your brand. 

When you regularly post and chat on social media you are forming a relationship with your consumers. Once that connection is formed, they will include you in their personal networks. This can cause a ripple a wave effect. Soon through word-of-mouth people will be ranting and raving about your product. 

You need to find out which social media channel works best for your video game. Posting updated information about your video game and services will speed up your brand recognition. A creative agency can point you in the direction of where your target audience is, and the best times during the day that you should engage with them. They can also help you to see which social media channel is the most compatible with your video game.

4. Building A Fan Base

Putting out fresh, new content on your page consistently will help you to build a large following to your page. This in turn will generate a mountain of consumers. 

If your video game was a human being, what would its personality be like? Would it be fierce and fiery, or meek and mild? Before you start to post, update, and tweet, you have to make sure that your social media voice matches your video games personality.

A creative agency can promote your content. Sharing and posting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn is important. But building a fan base is not only about posting and sharing. You have to engage with your fans and establish relationships. Every time someone comments under your post or video, try to start a conversation with them. Talk to them in the same way that you would talk to your friend. Make sure your video game personality shines bright. Also offering small incentives will get people fascinated.

Weekly contests and giveaways will get you interest in your video game. You can offer a prize to those who can answer specific questions about your video game. Once the appeal is drawn, you will have a large community of loyal fans. 

5. Using The “One Click” Rule

If you want your video game to get more downloads, you have to enable the “one-click” rule. Most video games are online and easily accessible for downloading. People no longer have to wait in long lines at the game store for a release. 

The “one-click” is just a rule that emphasizes your product can effortlessly be bought with one-click. Your consumers shouldn’t have to go on a hunt to find out where they can download the app. They can’t get distracted. Content is part of a consumer’s user experience. Once they see that you have what they need, they will want to use what you have. A creative agency will make sure that your content is simple, short, and straightforward. You don’t want your consumer to lose interest and quickly forget what they came to your page for. Your aim is to draw them in and compel them to make a purchase.

If you implement these 5 steps with a creative marketing agency by your side, you will surely not lose. Your product will be profitable in a lesser amount of time than you might have expected.

The career of a video game developer is exhilarating and rewarding. Many people turn to video games after a long day at work. They view it as a part of their leisure. It can remove stress from their mind and relax their body. Playing out your life in a dream world can help you to not worry too much about the burdens in real life. 

Carrying the weight of marketing alone can lead to burnout. Are you a video game developer that needs help? Reach out to Waypoint for all of your marketing needs. We have a passion for positive results and a rich consumer experience. With an offer of full 360 strategy services, we will make sure to exceed your clients’ needs.

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