7 Marketing Mistakes And How A Game Creative Agency Can Help

The world of video games has exploded in popularity and is now one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. However, with the booming industry comes challenges. With so many game developers competing for the spotlight, innovations across systems are unavoidable. Many industry players will thrive in this environment, and it is uncertain who will emerge victoriously. Customers are jaded with new video game technologies and innovations that are all available at an exponential rate; leaving your mark as a game developer also becomes crucial. This is where you need to know how a game creative agency can help with assisting in marketing your game.

However, not every marketing strategy is a good strategy. The difficulty lies in making your game stand out from the rest and attracting more players. Careful crafting of the marketing strategy with appropriate video game branding service is necessary. While formulating a game marketing plan, certain tips can be helpful. 

Avoid these when marketing you game

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Here is a list of Don’ts while marketing your game. 

1. Not Understanding The Pulse Of Your Target Audience 

Failing to define who you’re marketing to can be a serious marketing mistake. For any marketing strategy to work, maybe it is social media marketing or a video game TV commercial proposal, an effective plan’s foremost requirement is a careful listing of the target audience. Because different video games are designed for different age groups, your commercials should be made in a way that appeals to the sensibilities of your target audience. 

Businesses that target the incorrect audience will have more people viewing their website than purchasing from it. Any marketing expert understands the need to gain attention to spark growth and improve sales. The issue is that if you acquire unwelcome attention, you won’t be able to expand or raise your revenue.

2. Over-Targeting

Just like a little targeting may serve no purpose, you should avoid targeting too much. Creating a niche for your video game branding is essential but should be open to opportunities as well. Defining an audience is fine, but don’t take yourself too niche prone. 

For example, creating an ad campaign for a video game for toddlers might not be appealing to teenagers but might attract the parents of the toddlers. Such indirect targeting may generate sales efficiently. This is the power of marketing, and hiring a game creative agency can do wonders for you by providing excellent video game branding service.

Furthermore, try to provide an engaging and worthwhile user experience for your audience so that they will naturally want to keep participating in the campaign. To put it another way, raising the value and interaction to the point that requesting them to register feels natural rather than forced.

3. Not Focusing On Video Game Marketing

Although the content of the game is paramount, the power of game marketing cannot be ignored. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that making a nice game will be enough to get people to play it. Investing in marketing is necessary as it educates potential players and attracts them to your game. 

New types of advertising are always being developed, and if one can capitalize on a few factors, like introducing playable banner ads, playable ads, or flashing gameplay trailers, they can raise game awareness and possibly improve game sales. A video game creative agency can help you raise not only product awareness, but might help monetize a game.

4. Missing Out Early Marketing Campaigns 

An early marketing campaign helps to create anticipation for your product way before it is launched. A launch trailer campaign, often known as a pre-launch campaign, provides a succession of clues that make customers want to discover more. 

The right entertainment marketing agency can help you create such campaigns, allowing a lot of room for interpretation on the part of the consumer. The main purpose is to create curiosity and anticipation for the upcoming launch or event, build hype around your game, and build an early community for your game launch. 

Teaser advertising will send enticing and alarming messages to pique the interest of the audience. To put it another way, a teaser marketing campaign keeps the audience amused while waiting for a new product to be released. The goal of a promotional teaser is not to explain everything to get the viewer’s attention and increase the effect. 

5. No Well Researched Strategy

Just like marketing is important, how to carry it further is also equally important. A good marketing strategy aids in increasing profit potential. It also aids in determining the appropriate price for an organization’s goods and services based on market research data. 

A marketing strategy aids in the planning of the advertising budget, as well as the development of a system for determining the scope of the plan, i.e., the money created by the plan. But the task is undoubtedly daunting, and a good game creative agency is all your game needs. For example, it can help you consider the right channel and strategy to get the best results. A strategic marketing campaign helps users develop an instinctive understanding of what the associated brand is seeking to inform them. 

The marketing strategy must address the following :

  • Channels to be used for an advertising campaign
  • Ascertaining the target market and the kind of development plan to be used
  • Most importantly, the budget to be allocated 

6. Shying To Experiment

As a game developer, you should be able to assess the value and success of the products from the perspective of the users. This is imperative for the mobile gaming industry, where thousands of new games are released every month. Experiments are vital at all stages of development and in many forms. Experimenting with the marketing strategy is equally important for video game branding. 

Don’t be afraid to go a different way like using playable banner ads and experimenting with the launch trailer. What worked for previous games may not work for the new ones. Marketing experiments allow you to assess response and collect data, allowing you to design a more targeted, effective campaign with a higher chance of success. Furthermore, experimenting with marketing campaigns reduces the chance of a marketing campaign becoming a metaphorical shot in the dark, and gives you vital information about what your customers want.

Many youngsters are not just avid gamers, but they also follow at least several influencers. Advertising through influencers is now the most earned after trend. These individuals could include bloggers, streamers, Instagram celebrities, and other internet celebrities. Their assistance can be incredibly useful in the promotion of video games.

7. Ignoring Feedbacks

Player feedback helps to figure out what appealed to the audience, what problems they may have encountered, and what improvements they need to make. Feedback can help break down specific features of the game and reveal user behavior. It can assist developers in determining the success of the game. It is a type of positive criticism that can enhance the game’s functionality and user experience and also help improve the retention of players. It also promotes a sense of solidarity and loyalty among the players.

Also, listening to feedback by using the early testers’ mechanism can be advantageous. Using marketing techniques like playable banner ads and gameplay trailers can help a lot even before the actual launch.

Along with player input, there is another sort of feedback that has a lot of power- crowd-sourced marketing. Crowd-sourced marketing is a relative innovation that is probably the easiest of all game marketing strategies. This is a guerrilla advertising method that uses answers or recommendations in forums, blogs, or comments on a product, service, or video to promote a product, service, or video. In other words, crowd marketing is a modern version of “word of mouth,” transmitting positive feedback from a delighted customer/buyer. Saying no to this strategy could be fatal and lead to a failed marketing campaign.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to launch a new game or want to relaunch an existing game, or are looking for more players, there is a range of video game marketing strategies that you need to follow.

Consumers today prefer well-known and trusted brands. The right video game branding service provider will provide appropriate strategies that can help customers acknowledge your gaming company, resulting in good community perception of the brand. A game marketing agency helps you avoid any serious marketing mistakes. It also helps create empathy to the brand and effectively informs users about new products from them. Learn how to become a successful video game marketer.

We, at Waypoint, are an entertainment and gaming creative agency that offers full-service production as well as a la carte services. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of experts can help you create marketing initiatives that will help you win over clients and build your player base. Whether you’re having trouble casting an ad campaign for your game or you’re overly equipped, we can assist you. 

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