10 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Game Creative Agency

Today’s marketing world is all about attention and authenticity. We see new brands and companies popping up every day with newer approaches for grabbing attention and raising curiosity within the public. It is imperative for every entertainment game creative agency to push their ad campaigns on platforms where potential customers are most active.

Any game creative agency faces fierce competition from too many games getting released in the market with each passing day and increasing advertising competition. Let us see the challenges faced by game developers and the reasons why your brand needs an game entertainment creative agency.

Challenges faced by game developers

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Everyone from school students to adolescents to company employees, irrespective of gender, is focused on gaming. Being a ubiquitous part of their lives, video games possess the ability to establish cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social domains in people’s minds. With more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide and each spending 6.5 hours playing each week, video games can integrate insights from developmental, positive, and social psychology as well.

The Cognitive Aspect

Many people may feel that playing video games can make them lazy and sedated, but this is not entirely true. Various researchers have proved that gaming can improve cognitive functions as well. According to research conducted in 2012, gamers who played shooting games showed faster and more accurate attention allocation, higher visual processing as well as enhanced mental rotation abilities compared to the control participants.

The Motivational Aspect

Gaming is the ultimate switch to arousing motivation, and the game creative agencies are the wizards of engagement. Researchers emphasize that children engaged in playing games can develop intellectual skills and abilities through persistence and continuous effortful engagement to achieve success. 

The Emotional Aspect

Playing puzzle-like video games such as games with minimal interfaces, short-term commitments, and a high degree of accessibility can improve players’ moods, promote relaxation, and prevent anxiety. 

The ultimate gaming experience can prove to inflict positive emotions on a daily basis, broaden the number of behaviors one perceives as both possible and motivating, and may lead to building social relationships that provide additional support for goal pursuit and coping with failure. 

The Social Aspect

Today’s gaming world is engaged in multiplayer games on online servers with constant contact with their friends rather than spending most of their time alone in their coach like average gamers back in the day. Social networking games are popularly advancing nowadays. Each of them helps games rapidly learn social skills and progress in prosocial behavior that plays a prominent role in family relations outside the gaming environment. 

The Evolution Of Marketing


The traditional marketing agencies attempted to sell their products by making use of television, radio, and print ads. Back in the old days, typical gamers rushed to the nearby gaming store to grab the latest releases of video games for a fun and engaging experience. Nowadays, gamers have moved online with the rapidly evolving technology, and so have the digital marketing agencies. The trends in marketing include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Tag Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Audience Segmentation & Retargeting
  • Adobe & Google Analytics Optimisation

Reasons Why You Need A Game Creative Agency?


A game entertainment creative agency can captivate and engross its audience by developing appropriate content and addressing typical problems faced by game developers.

1. For the fun

The most obvious reason for playing a game is to have fun. Any kind of game can be fun to the right person, no matter how plain and simple the game may be. Every one of us is deeply driven to face challenges and overcome them. Being a form of entertainment that speaks to the very fabric of humankind, games can give us the feeling of achievement and triumph. Games are fun, and marketing them speaks to a brand’s success.

2. For the relevance

Brands and businesses need to improve their approach to marketing to increase their ROI, and marketing the right game can mark their relevance. Working on a strategy with data and creative messages can prove to be a brilliant approach for achieving more relevant brand results. By coming up with various features for engaging the audience, such as video game trailers, game sizzle reels, box arts, and NFT designs, a game creative agency can flourish by providing the ultimate user experience.

3. For collecting data

With various games running exclusively via online servers, marketing platforms can receive and accumulate information on the details of the gamers, such as their level of engagement, which feature of the game attracts them the most, and how they can improve their marketing strategies further. Gathering playing analytics can prove essential for building more gameplay features such as video game trailer scripts and NFT designs.

4. For open reception

Advertising video games can be prominent for brands to promote their messages and gather much-needed support from their audience. Several companies and game creative agencies feel that gaming gives them the opportunity to reach out for a high level of attention and analyze the audience. Moreover, they can surpass their expected results by playable banner ads and social media videos to promote the content they offer.

5. For positive association

All video game creative agencies from Los Angeles provide innovative content and promising video game trailers for creating a positive user experience. The audience loves a good game and interacts well with games they find pleasing and give them a sense of accomplishment.

6. For better message retention

Apart from the games presenting their users with a message, the brands also portray their message via their developed games. Games with NFT animations and interactive banners can capture the attention of the audience and convey the message clearly, thus promoting the brand’s supremacy and sustainability.

 Effective game developments can produce loud and clear messages. One of the clever and subtle forms of advertising is the development of interactive games. Effective marketing agencies can place their messages into the gameplay by making use of ads as a feature rather than a distraction.

7. For promoting awareness

A creative gaming agency aims to familiarize users with the company’s product they offer and influence a buyer’s behavior. This leads to consumers shopping for a product associated with the brand and increases the chances of the likeliness of a consumer promoting brand awareness to the public. Socially interactive games are a dynamic approach for developing a certain element of uniqueness to each player’s experience, each time she or he plays even the very same game.

8. For high-quality content

Ranging from NFT animations and web designs to gaming TV spots and social media banners, a digital marketing creative agency is involved in providing high-quality content for its users. Packed with CG animation videos and 3D trailers, the gameplay is made realistic with product photography, and screenshot captures. A younger and more technologically oriented audience can easily get captivated by the user-friendly experience.

9. For interactive storytelling

Several newly developed games created by digital marketing agencies are involved in an interactive storytelling experience that leaves the users engaged with the online servers and playing multiple hours without even noticing time passing by. Promoting and presenting such interactive content can raise brand awareness as well. Gamers love to be included in an active environment where they have the freedom to express their feelings and fulfill their desires.

10. For encouraging loyalty through entertainment

Fun and interactive games can convert curious people into consumers, and consumers into fans. Games with video game trailer scripts and gaming TV spots can generate immense loyalty and even create cooperative communities around them. You can get a legion of highly faithful followers for your brand due to the impact caused by your game.

Brands working collaboratively with a game creative agency can exhibit their vision to the world and make people understand. Through box arts and NFT designs, gaming agencies establish themselves with up-to-date industry trends. You can get employees who are passionate about both gaming and marketing to help strategize a good approach for establishing your goals and vision. Highlighting both style and substance, a creative gaming agency can organize its game presentation with in-depth scriptwriting, playable ads, and interactive banners.

How To Choose A Gaming Agency?

Let’s see how to hire a specialist gaming agency.

Before choosing a game creative agency, you must examine the strategies it has used with its clients.

Firstly you should choose to work with a company that is passionate about both gaming and marketing. They must understand the market standards, and have better knowledge about the gaming industry and its market value.

You must make sure not to trust the one size fits all approach. Instead, you must choose companies that offer services suitable for your company.

Do not go for in-house gaming professionals. Instead, choose to outsource a gaming company and the services will be affordable.

They should be able to quickly understand your vision and goals. Most importantly, make sure the agency you choose doesn’t just focus on the style but rather on the content.

Why Waypoint?

We, at Waypoint, the specialist gaming agency, ensure to provide sensational services to our clients in the gaming industry and our multidisciplinary approach sets us apart from the rest. Waypoint has designed a video game motion graphics kit for Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft), a game trailer for My Hero Academia (Sony), Frozen iOS App, Trailer (Disney), and much more. Learn more about our work of NFTs.

We specialize in establishing trust and confidentiality through 30 years of knowledge and experience. Contact us today to establish your brand’s supremacy! 

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